What is the difference between your acrylic calendars?

All of our acrylic calendars are manufactured in-house here in the Rocky Mountains. Our calendars are printed on the back using special ink that will never come off.  The prototype we have hanging in our kitchen from 2013 still looks great. We can’t imagine why they won’t last forever. Just make sure your 2 year old doesn’t take a hammer to it.

       Clear acrylic:  These beautiful calendars are NOT MAGNETIC. So don’t order number magnets, unless you enjoy getting extra emails from us. Whatever the wall color is behind the calendar, you will see it.  Depending on your lighting, there may be some shadows of the lines and text on the wall behind the calendar.

       Magnetic acrylic: These incredible calendars have the same amazing acrylic surface, but they ARE magnetic!  They are all white, and hold our fabulous number magnets.  The acrylic is thinner, so it has a framework on the back to help keep it totally stiff as you write on it.  You don’t see this framework unless you are looking at the calendar with your head against the wall.  The framework is inset, not right on the edge.  

With any of our Acrylic Calendars, everyone will think you have the absolute coolest calendar ever.

Can you make the clear acrylic calendar with white text?

We can make any of our clear acrylic boards with white text.  Just indicate that in the Order Note box at checkout.

Real Estate Boards

Our framed boards consist of an acrylic surface with a custom designed poster print behind it, and then a backing.  In the future, if you decide you want different columns titles, we can design a new poster print that you can swap out in the frame.
Our acrylic floating boards are clear, and you can see the wall behind them.  They are printed on the back so the printing will never come off.  If you have light colored walls, we recommend our boards with black text.  If you have darker walls, we recommend white text (we can make any of our boards with white text.)
We can make any of our boards with a vertical orientation. 

Do your markers erase completely?

Wet-erase markers erase completely from acrylic.  Unlike dry-erase markers which rub off if you brush against them, once wet-erase markers dry (which takes very little time), they do not generally come off until you wipe off the ink with a wet cloth.

How will lighting affect my clear acrylic calendar?

We have samples you can order to test out your lighting (or you could use a piece of glass from a small picture frame.)  
Hold the clear acrylic about an inch away from the wall to see how shadows will affect the board. If you have ceiling lighting that is close to the wall, it could cause shadows from the grid lines and writing on the board.  If that is the case, then we recommend our white, Magnetic Acrylic.

What size number magnets should I order?

The size of the space should determine what size glass number magnet to order.
2 1/2” X 2 1/2” or smaller space: we recommend the 15mm size
2 1/2" X 2 1/2 - 3 1/2" X 3 1/2": we recommend the 18mm size
3 1/2“ X 3 1/2” or larger: we recommend the 20mm size

Cancellation of custom items

We will gladly refund 100% of your order if we haven't started to work on it at all, however if we have already started and invested time in designing your piece, we won't be able to cancel or refund it.

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Very responsive team. They accommodated my personalization requests to make a board that works best for my family, and sent a proof prior to production.

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We love the calendar. The magnets are a bit weak at least when we tried to put on the side of the frig. The front of the frig had a curve to it that prevents this from laying flat but we just used decorative twine and hung from wall.

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Magnetic month words
Terri Scheer

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Girl Friday was great to work with and helped me desgine just what I needed to stay organized.
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Modern Cork Board

Very modern and pretty cork board. Easy to install with the materials provided. Highly recommend !

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Acrylic pipeline Board

I absolutely love the real estate pipeline board with the gold hardware. It keeps me so organized and really helps motivate me to keep filling up the board. It looks great in my office. Recommend 100%

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High quality and simple instructions for use.

Great customer service

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I ordered a large (36 x 48) board for work and could not be happier with the outcome! It looks fantastic, shipped quickly and the communication with the girlFriday team was great! They were so helpful at translating my scribbles into something that looks SO high end. I thought my basement level tech skills would be an issue but the walked me through everything and made it fun and easy! Will definitely be ordering more from this company in the future! Highly recommend!