Acrylic Fridge Calendar -  One Week
Acrylic Fridge Calendar -  One Week
Acrylic Fridge Calendar -  One Week
Acrylic Fridge Calendar -  One Week
Acrylic Fridge Calendar -  One Week
Acrylic Fridge Calendar -  One Week
Acrylic Fridge Calendar -  One Week
Acrylic Fridge Calendar -  One Week

Acrylic Fridge Calendar - One Week

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Month words?
Corner Magnet color
Liquid chalk marker set?

Our acrylic fridge calendar will really stand out! It is absolutely stunning and you will not find it anywhere else. It is printed on the back so the printing will never come off. Calendar surface is an amazing premium acrylic which is the best dry erase surface out there. Acrylic is a wonderful writing surface for dry erase or wet erase markers. Say goodbye to dingy, low quality fridge calendars that ghost and stain.

Calendar attaches to any metal surface by 4 powerful neodymium magnets with beautiful stainless steel, gold or black covers.  NOTE: your metal surface must be able to hold magnets.  If your fridge has a glass surface, it will not have a strong enough magnetic surface to hold the board.

Our new magnetic month words really add a *pop* to the calendar. You have the choice of buying either just the calendar, or the calendar with the month words.

-23" wide X 8" tall
-Each day space is 3" wide X 8" tall
-Calendar writing surface is acrylic. Acrylic is highly superior to traditional white dry erase surfaces. It cleans spotlessly, with no "ghosting".
-Only very strong magnets will work on it (our number magnets are very strong).
-We recommend using wet erase markers. They write much cleaner and more precise than dry erase.
-Comes with one magnetic wet-erase marker, which has a magnet attached to it so you can keep the marker right by your calendar!

-Your choice of black or white words
-Comes with a set of 12 months
-Comes with a set of stars, hearts, arrows, and flowers!

Add some color to your calendar with our liquid CHALK INK MARKERS! You have the option of adding a set at checkout.

***MAGNET NUMBERS SOLD SEPARATELY.*** For this calendar, we recommend our 20mm magnet sets.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Vanessa Barbera

This is a huge upgrade from the fridge calendar we had before. Love the size and quality of this calendar. Perfect for our busy family of 4, plenty of room for everyone's schedules. Would recommend. Worth the price!

Gina aiello-schuh

Absolutely love it! High quality and completely fits the needs of our busy household trying to keep a schedule everyone can see


I absolutely love this board. This is beyond what I wanted and the quality that I expected. I will definitely purchase again!

Rose Hinojosa

The price is worth it! I was a little hesitant at at first, but I saw the craftsmanship and really read through the description and new this was something that would have a lot of longevity and provide clean lines and not clutter up such a visible space — the fridge. And wow, I am not disappointed. Craftsmanship top notch, minimalistic and clean, from the perfectly drilled holes, to the lovely simple magnets that hold it in place. I am so impressed. I really want to get our family calendar with GirlFridayHome — and anything else she sells! Thank you for making something that is so practical and necessary for homes so sophisticated and aesthetically appealing.

Brianna Mercado

IT is perfect. Easy to hang and to write on. Included marker and cute magnet was a treat. Fast shipping. Highly recommend.