Cork Board
Cork Board
Cork Board

Cork Board

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Our new Cork Boards will really stand out!

It is screwed into the wall by the 4 corner hardware pieces. On the back of the cork, it has a framework that keeps the surface stiff.
Your choice of high quality silver, gold or black hardware.
If you need a size that is not listed, we can manufacture a custom size. However, 24" x 36" is the largest we can manufacture. If you need a larger size, we recommend purchasing 2 and hanging them side by side.

Cork Board sizes available:
10.75 X 23
18.5 X 23
22.5 X 23
26 X 21
31 X 20.5
31 X 23
24 X 36

NOTE:  Cork can sometimes shrink a little bit, so if you order a 26 X 21 calendar, and a 26 X 21 cork board, we cannot guarantee they will be the exact same size.


- Cork is 1/2" thick

- All hardware for mounting the 4 corner hardware posts will be included. 


 - How is the cork board mounted?

It is mounted with 4 screws and anchors.   Mounting on old lath and plaster walls requires care to not break the plaster around the screws (usually found in homes manufactured up until the 1950s.) 


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