Magnetic Acrylic Calendar
Magnetic Acrylic Calendar
Magnetic Acrylic Calendar

Magnetic Acrylic Calendar

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Our magnetic acrylic calendars will be a sleek and modern addition to your home. Using only the highest quality materials, our calendars are made to last. The included wet-erase marker writes wonderfully crisp and precise, and wipes off completely with no residue.

Our calendars are professionally printed on the back with a special ink that adheres permanently. They are white, so you will not see anything behind it.  The back of the calendar has a framework that prevents movement when you write on it, and keeps the surface stiff. 

It comes with high quality stainless steel hardware , sleek black hardware, or beautiful gold hardware, and clear instructions on how to hang the calendar.
They are absolutely stunning and you will not find them anywhere else. It is a piece of art that will help you be organized! 
NOTE:  Magnet numbers sold separately



-Writing surface is acrylic. Acrylic is highly superior to traditional white dry erase surfaces. It cleans spotlessly, with no "ghosting" or residue left over. 

- You can use wet erase markers or dry erase markers. Wet erase markers are recommended, as they will write much darker and more precise than dry erase.

- One wet-erase marker will be included.

-All hardware for mounting the 4 corner posts will be included.


- 23" wide X 18.5" tall
-Each space is 3" X 2.75"

- 26" wide X 21" tall
- Each space is 3 1/2" X 3 1/8"


- How is the calendar mounted?

It is mounted with 4 screws and anchors.   Mounting on old lath and plaster walls requires care to not break the plaster around the screws (usually found in homes manufactured up until the 1950s.) 



Customer Reviews

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Brian Lulek
Love the calendar, hate the markers!

The calendar is great, but unlike the other people that reviewed the markers, I don’t like them. I followed the instructions, I have the cup holder sideways so the markers are horizontal like the instructions say, but when I push the pen down to saturate the tip, it seems like it just wastes a bunch of ink but never gets enough ink on the very point of the tip to be able to write with it.

Ericson Lopo
Excellent Craftsmanship!

This Magnetic Acrylic Calendar was made with high degree of quality control. The lines and letters are printed accurately and the edges of the calendar are cut smoothly. Aluminum plate at the back was glued precisely and clean to achieve a good magnetic properties of the Calendar. Overall, this Calendar is sturdy and will surely last a long time in your wall.

Customer support is second to none. Owner is responsive and tries to resolve your concerns as soon as possible. I believed this is one of the most important criteria aside from the product itself on why customers will keep coming back to your business. Keep it up!

Sara Post
love it!

Very handsome dry erase board. Thorough and helpful installation instructions and tips included.