FAMILY NAME Standard Acrylic Calendar with Notes & Menu


Stainless holder & chalk ink markers

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Using only the highest quality materials, our acrylic calendars are made to last. What makes GIRL FRIDAY acrylic calendars different? Our calendars have beautiful CLEAR, POLISHED edges, and we have 2 sizes to choose from. The polished edges look amazing from the side! 

The calendar is professionally printed on the back so the printing will never come off. It comes with high quality hardware and clear instructions on how to hang the calendar.
Acrylic is highly superior to traditional white dry erase surfaces. It cleans spotlessly, with no "ghosting" or residue left over. 

Our calendar will be a stunning addition to your home. It is a piece of art that will help you be organized!
- NOTE: calendar is not magnetic



1) A gorgeous, customized clear acrylic calendar with polished edges
2) Beautiful, high quality gold or stainless steel hardware
3) A wet-erase marker with stainless holder to mount next to your calendar. Our marker comes with a magnet attached to it - you won't find it anywhere else!
4) Clear hanging instructions


- Shipping is $30.00 within the USA


SMALL $160
-19" wide X 23" tall. 
-Writing area for each day is 2 1/2” x 2 1/2”. 
-Bottom section is 19" X 6"

LARGE $210
-23" wide X 30" tall. 
-Writing area for each day is 3 1/4” x 3 1/2"
-Bottom section is 23" X 8"


In the Special Instruction Box at checkout:
1) Write your family name (or business name, or 2 words, whatever you want!)
2) If you want the bottom section to be different from how it is in the 2nd photo, leave instructions for that. We can change the words, we can have it one big section that say "notes", etc (see last photo)

PRODUCTION TIME:  We will now be starting a new batch of custom family name acrylic calendars on the first day of every month.  For example, if you order January 2nd, or January 30, or anytime in between, we will start production on Feb. 1st.  Production takes 1-2 weeks, and then we will ship out within a few days after that.  


- How is the calendar mounted?

It is mounted with 4 screws and anchors.   Mounting on old lath and plaster walls requires care to not break the plaster around the screws (usually found in homes manufactured up until the 1950s.) 



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Twice Impressed!

We ordered a custom family calendar six months ago and received several compliments from friends and family that came to visit. We recently gifted my sister-in-law a custom calendar as her wedding gift after she admired ours so often and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Quality, chic product - no complaints!

Beautiful and Amazing

We already love our calendar! It's been apart of the family just a week and it not only brings joy, but help in organization for the day. Thankful this exists!


Love everything about this calendar. It helps keep our lives sorted and organized. Would recommend it to everyone!

Exactly the modern calendar I was looking for!

I'm so happy with this calendar (the 23x30 size). Do note, though, that with the 23x30 you end up with six mounting spots versus the four shown in pictures. I installed this myself (my first real DIY project) and shared my installation process in a post here:

Turned out great!

Shop was willing to try out different fonts for me, and they sent a proof before making the board. I’m very happy with this purchase!