Acrylic Calendar PREMIUM with Side Notes - Dry erase calendar



Product Details

Our premium, 3/8" thick clear acrylic calendars will be a sleek and modern addition to your home. Using only the highest quality materials, our calendars are made to last. The included wet-erase marker writes wonderfully crisp and precise, and wipes off completely with no residue.

Our calendars have beautiful clear, polished edges. They are professionally printed on the back with a special ink that adheres permanently.
They come with high quality silver, gold or black hardware, and clear instructions on how to hang the calendar.
They are absolutely stunning and you will not find them anywhere else. It is a piece of art that will help you be organized!  One wet-erase marker will be included. Wet-erase markers write crisp and dark, and unlike dry-erase markers, the ink does not erase if your hand slides over the what you have written already. To erase, wet a paper towel, erase ink, and dry with a dry paper towel.

-35" wide X 25" tall
-Writing area for each day is 3 1/4” x 3 1/2”
-Notes section is 10" X 23"

-42" wide X 27" tall
-Writing area for each day is 4 3/8” x 4 1/4
-Notes section is 10" X 27" tall



- How is the calendar mounted?

It is mounted with 4 screws and anchors.   Mounting on old lath and plaster walls requires care to not break the plaster around the screws (usually found in homes manufactured up until the 1950s.) 



Customer Reviews

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Love it

Great products

Modern, sleek, and beautiful

Thank you to an Instagram promoter, I saw this online and decided to get one. My family’s calendar is very digital these days but having this work of art to display things makes the analog even more attractive. Definitely overpriced (-1 star) but gorgeous nonetheless.

An organized masterpiece!!!

Form and function come together for a superior product that is stunning. I am very happy that I went with the premium acrylic I love the look and to only have the hardware on the four corner. That keeps the simplistic beauty I was looking for since I would be adding my family’s chaotic schedules. The customer service was above and beyond accommodating and helpful since I went back and forth on sizes,etc. You need to buy the markers the point is very precise which you need to have so you can have multiple things on one day. I choose a color for each kid for their actives and tests. I have had many calendars before and always hung them in my laundry room because I didn’t want the clutter in my kitchen. Eventually we would forget to add/ look at them because they were out of the way. This calendar is an organized masterpiece that I am thrilled to hang in my kitchen for everyone to see and it is never out of sight so we forget what that day will entail.

Perfect for my daughter’s college apartment

Beauty and function! Definitely recommend. Great quality and very easy to mount!

Keeps Our Family Organized

The kitchen calendar is a big deal in our house. It's the only way my wife and I know what we have going on with us and the kids. We went through some dry erase calendars and they ended up smudging or couldn't fully erase the ink. The acrylic calendar provides exactly what we need to keep our family organized with a stylish touch. We are glad we got the thicker cut.